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About Us History of arya veer dal


Under the dynamic and enthusiastic leadership of Shri. Om Prakash Tyagi, Arya Veer Dal grew up radically all over the country. The first camp of 400 selected Arya Veers was organized in 1942, at Badarpur, New Delhi. at about the same time when the whole country was gearing up for the final battle of Swarajya. Accordingly Arya Veers took part in Karo ya Maro and Quit India movement.

The Hyderabad Mukti Sangram was initiated by the Arya Veer Dal. Three AryaVeers planned to bomb the car of Nizam. But unfortunately the bomb did not blast. One of them, Narayan Rao was arrested and tortured till death. Yet he did not speak a word. The Bank of Nizam was situated in Umari Town. After due planning, Arya Veers looted Rupees 30 Lakhs from the bank and gave it to the Home minister of India, Sardar Patel, Bhai Shyam Lal (Udgeer), Kashiram (Beed), Shri. Ved Prakash (Humanabad), Shri Krishanrai Intekar and several other Arya Veers sacrificed their lives during the Mukti Sangram of Hyderabad. The whole task at the time of Police Action was borne by the Arya Veers. The then Home minister of India, Sardar Patel, marked this contribution as, " If there was no assistance from Arya Samaj, it was almost impossible to win Hyderabad.”

In 1936, Central India was badly affected by a major drought. The Sarvadeshik Pratinidhi Sabha arranged and competently managed several relief camps in Ratlam, Ujjain, Jhabua, Dohad and Megh Nagar under the supervision and help of Arya Veer Dal. This operation lasted for 50 days.

During 1942-43 more than 45 lakh persons died in Bengal due to worst drought in Indian history. Under the joint venture of Sarvadeshik Sabha and Punjab Sabha, AryaVeers were sent there for relief operation with Shri Khushhal Chand (Anand Swami) as their leader. Arya Veers distributed food, medicines and clothes to lakhs of victims. Likewise, Arya Veers also operated their relief camps at the time of partition of India. After independence, Arya Veers again geared up to serve the nation during floods in Assam, Kekari (Rajasthan) and Morvi (Gujarat), during tsunami, and Gujarat earthquake and Surat plague.

The above narrations are only a brief description of the uphill struggles our predecessors. made to motivate their successors.

We salute them from the bottom of our heart, for they sacrificed their present for our future.

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