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Introduction -

Arya Veer Dal (AVD) is the youth wing of the “Arya Samaj” a revolutions organization that consists of young boys and girls who cherish Vedic Values. They are of strong moral and physical character and serve self lessly with patriotic zeal universal progress of the mankind. Their quick response during natural calamities like floods, droughts, earth -quacks and epidemics etc. is also well-known to need elaboration. The involvement of Arya Veer Dal in rescue and rehabilitation work is total and without any expectation in return .

Arya Veer Dal cousists of three words with connotations as under :

Arya – derived from the Sanskrit root Ri (ऋ). A person who is progressive and noble in thought and deed is called Arya .


Veer – derived from the Sanskrit root Vikrantau ( विक्रान्तौ ) word Veer represents braveness, courage and character.


Dal - derived from the Sanskrit root Dal (दल) . A Dal means a group of an organized entity.

Thus, Arya Veer Dal is an organization of brave, young boys and girls trained to work with missionary zeal for the greater good of human society.
Arya boy is called “Arya Veer ” (आर्य वीर ) and Arya girl is called “Arya Veerangna.” (आर्य वीरांगना )

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